Blaze Driscoll Certified Hypnotist for Unforgettable Performances or Personal Improvements

Looking for a Memorable Stage Show?

Managers and Event Planners: Need a performer but don’t want to disappoint your audience? Tired of trying to find an entertainer that brings something unique to the table? If so,Hypnotist Blaze Driscoll can present you with a customized solution guaranteed to satisfy audiences of all kinds and ages.

Clean Comedy Stage Shows; Individual

Hypnosis for Personal Improvement
Need Self-Improvement That Can Last?

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, or optimize your sports performance but struggle to find long-term solutions that work? Have you tried product after product to no avail? Optimize your quality of life forever with the certified counseling and therapy services of Blaze Driscoll and get the answers that you need.

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Helping improve lives, a brief word from Blaze . . .

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“I cannot think of one staff member that didn’t get incredible results from working with Blaze.”

~ Ben Jensen, South Forks Athletic Club

“I struggled with my weight all my life… I never looked or felt so good in all my life as when I was working with Blaze.”

~ Steve Light