Are you looking to book a motivational speaker for an upcoming corporate or association event? If so, I strongly advise you to consider finding a trained hypnotist with the right message.

To be fair, I’m probably a little bit biased. But, I’ve seen firsthand just what kind of impression the right hypnotic keynote can make on your attendees. Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to select a speaker who knows hypnosis:

#1 On Stage, Hypnosis is Really Funny – nothing draws in an audience’s attention like humor. When you can make people laugh, you can also get them to learn, and hypnotic demonstrations (when done well) are wildly entertaining.

#2 Hypnotic Keynotes Get Attendees Involved – instead of having your audience listen politely to a keynote speaker, why not make them the center of the performance? With a hypnotic keynote, audience members are the star of the show.

#3 Hypnotic Demonstrations Are Great for Illustrating the Power of Habits and Beliefs – most men and women don’t realize how dominant their subconscious minds are until they see the power of suggestion in action. With one simple demonstration, they can be shown the effectiveness of visualization, mindfulness, and goal setting in their daily lives.

If you’ve never had a motivational speaker who uses hypnosis at your event before, then you have no idea what you’re missing. Call Blaze Driscoll at 952-960-1907 to find out about keynote topics, available dates, and speaking fees.

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