When you hire a motivational speaker, are you just adding another expense to your meeting costs… or can you really expect to see a return on your investment?

The truthful answer is that it depends a great deal on whom you hire. Far too often, meeting planners and executives settle for speakers who are really just entertainers looking to find new gigs. When that happens, the audience has a great time, but no one learns anything valuable.

If you hire a speaker who can teach real-world motivation and productivity tips, on the other hand, there is the possibility that you’ll actually get something out of that expense. Think of it this way: if your team starts doing just one thing differently after hearing the speaker, you could see a small percentage bump and productivity.

In most organizations, even a small increase in the amount of work being finished – more employees and staff members “getting things done” – would be extraordinarily valuable. It would certainly be worth more than the fee a motivational speaker would charge to appear and deliver a keynote.

I urge you to give this some thought the next time you are reviewing different presenters. Never forget that a great, entertaining speech is nice, but seeing your team walk away with something they can use right away is even better.

When you need a proven motivational speaker who can fire up your staff at every level, call Blaze Driscoll at 952-960-1907 to inquire about speaking fees and availability.


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