A lot of smokers don’t realize this, but nicotine introduces a mental addiction that’s just as strong as the physical component. In fact, dealing with the chemical cravings associated with nicotine might actually be the easy part of giving up cigarettes. The more difficult step is doing away with the routines and emotions that accompany the smoking habit.

That’s why tools that just deal with the chemical dependency – such as nicotine patches – have an imperfect success rate. They take away some of the physical symptoms, but they don’t replace the feeling smokers get from opening a new pack.

A better way to quit smoking is to attack the problem from both sides. On the one hand, you might want to try nicotine gum or patches. But on the other, I strongly suggest giving hypnotherapy a shot.

Using hypnosis, you can change your thinking about cigarettes. That means you can not only fight the urge to smoke, but take those urges away altogether. If that sounds crazy, then you probably don’t realize just how powerful the psychological components of our routines and addictions can be.

When you stop seeing cigarettes as something you need, or an emotional crutch when you’re stressed, it gets a lot easier to find success with nicotine replacement products and give them up for good. To see how quickly this can actually work in the real world, I invite you to call my Minnesota hypnotherapy office at 952-960-1907 to schedule your first appointment today.

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