As a hypnotist, I spent a lot of time giving my subjects subconscious suggestions – both on stage and in my Minnesota hypnotherapy practice. I’m often surprised to learn just how little most of the people I work with know about the way their brains work “behind the scenes.”

To help shed some light on the details that are important, here are a couple of things you should know about the way your subconscious mind operates:

The Bad News is Your Subconscious Mind Can be Lazy and is Hard to Reach – most subconscious thoughts are formed through emotional events early on in life. Those can be difficult to change, and so you’ll tend to revert back to the same habits, attitudes, and behaviors again and again. Your subconscious mind can be “lazy” in that it is resistant to change and will hold onto things it feels are keeping you safe.

The Good News is Changes to Your Subconscious are Very Powerful – although it can be harder to get your subconscious mind to adapt to a new idea, once you take that step the new thought will become very powerful. For example, many longtime smokers are able to quit instantly, and those who have been frustrated with dieting can adopt healthier lifestyles right away. Your subconscious is very powerful, when you put it to the right uses.

One of the easiest ways to influence your subconscious thoughts is by using hypnotherapy. Why not call my office today to make an initial appointment and see how I might be able to help?

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