If you ask most overweight people what the hardest part about losing extra pounds is, I believe the majority would tell you it’s going without their favorite foods. To me, that notion is only half-right. While it can certainly be difficult to fight cravings, the hardest part about losing weight is staying focused on the right goal.

In other words, overweight men and women struggle because they can’t see themselves as fit, healthy people.

Without that change in self-image and self-belief, the gains they make through dieting and exercise tend to be temporary. In their subconscious minds, they still feel as if they are heavier than they should be, and so their habits drag them backwards over time, making it virtually impossible for them to hold on to routines that feel uncomfortable.

Willpower comes in limited quantities. If you count on it to save you, you’ll usually come up short. The changes you make your subconscious, however, are permanent. Unless you can change the pictures you see in your own mind, particularly as they relate to yourself, it’s difficult to make any lasting changes in your life.

Because I have seen the effects firsthand, I believe hypnosis (and in particular, hypnotherapy) to be the most effective and powerful way for an individual to change long-standing attitudes and perceptions. Once they do, though, amazing things can happen… and without the pain that accompanies most crash diets and fitness plans.

Interested in seeing how hypnotherapy could help you lose weight and change your life? Call the office of certified Minnesota hypnotherapist Blaze Driscoll today at 952-960-1907 to schedule your first appointment.

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