There are a lot of motivational speakers who will tell you their presentations are “the best,” but how do you really judge something like that? And more importantly, how can you tell whether you’ve made the right choice when you hire someone to deliver a keynote?

In my experience, there is one sure sign of a spectacular keynote: when attendees are still talking about it later.

We live in a world where it seems like the unimaginable is waiting just around every turn. On every television show and web page there seem to be people doing amazing things. How can a single person with a microphone compete with that?

It seems impossible, but it isn’t. I know, because I’ve been weaving together comedy, hypnosis, and business lessons together for years. With that combination, I have been able to make audience members the stars of my shows while imparting some important pieces of advice. And best of all, I’ve gotten people to think about the ideas and self-imposed boundaries they tend to cling to.

I’m certainly not the only good motivational speaker out there, and I don’t want it to sound as if I’m beating my own drum too loudly. But, the fact remains that long-term impressions matter; if your audience hears a speech and immediately forgets about it, then you haven’t really gotten much value from a keynote speaker, have you?

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