Millions of Americans live in a never-ending pattern when it comes to weight loss and fitness. During some parts of the year – New Year’s, a birthday, or swimsuit season – they are obsessed with dieting. Then, after a little success, or maybe just a bit of frustration, things go back to “normal” and the extra pounds return.

It’s no secret that dieting almost never results on long-term weight loss. There are a few good reasons for this:

Diets are Temporary – diets typically last few weeks. Then, it’s back to eating the same unhealthy foods you were consuming before, which is inevitably going to lead to more weight gain in the near future.

Diets are Painful and Punishing – dieting, by its very nature, keeps you from eating the foods you enjoy and puts a great amount of mental stress on you as a result. Feeling as if you’re punishing yourself isn’t a great way to encourage new behaviors.

Diets Don’t Change Your Subconscious or Self-Image – until you can see yourself as a thinner, healthier person, any gains you make through dieting are only going to be temporary.

Once you look at diets for what they are, it’s not hard to see why they set you up for failure. A better approach is to try a proven technique for changing your own attitudes and beliefs (i.e., hypnotherapy) that doesn’t force you to do things that feel unnatural or uncomfortable.

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